Snaphaven uses bankvault and army bunker to protect images.

Swiss Data Group announced the launch of SnapHaven, an online photo storage site that guarantees the uploaded pictures for life.  Snaphaven’s unique selling point is that it uses 4 levels of security to ensure pictures don’t get lost, this includes a Swiss bankvault and an army bunker.

Users import photos through a desktop application and share them with family and friends. This is a list of other functionality in the service:

  • SnapHaven allows users to easily create albums, make prints, and share photos with friends and family.
  • SnapHaven protects users with the only guarantee in the industry: double-your-money-back if photos are ever lost or damaged.
  • SnapHaven partners with the Foundation for Data Permanence (FDP), a not-for-profit organization devoted to keeping online data safe forever. The FDP acts as a trust fund for data, ensuring that photos will be accessible even in the worst-case scenario that a participating company goes out of business.
  • SnapHaven has no minimum purchase requirements and no recurring subscription fees.
  • Each photo uploaded to SnapHaven is stored on an archival-quality system to ensure that no photo can ever be erased or overwritten, with three additional redundant backups in separate geographical locations, including a Swiss bank vault and an army bunker designed to withstand nuclear attack.
  • All archive systems are powered by clean energies, and are 98% carbon free.

“Photos are the most important data we own. With SnapHaven, we aimed to create a secure storage solution for the everyday photographer,” said Mike Bevans, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Swiss Data Group. “The application’s easy to use interface and sharing tools make it the best option for people who want to keep their memories safe for a lifetime.”

The first 100 photos uploaded to SnapHaven are free.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses