Tablets come closer but publishers are getting cold feet

There’s more news on the highly anticipated Apple tablet. Sources are now saying that Apple  is preparing to launch the tablet personal computer in late March or April, with manufacturer partners poised to roll out as many as 1 million units per month. This is according to an Oppenheimer research note.

The highly anticipated tablet is expected to pitch Apple into the digital book market popularized by’s Kindle e-reader. Apple declined to comment. via Apple to launch tablet in spring 2010: analyst | Reuters.

In the meantime publishers appear to are getting cold feet and are talking about holding back their E-Magazines. This is surprising as several magazines have showcased editions that work with the anticipated tablet functionality. It’s early days but it looks like publishers are following other media industries that had to deal with change and are building barriers to innovative applications instead of adapting.

HarperCollins spokeswoman Erin Crum said the publisher plans to withhold the digital version of five to 10 titles per month, starting next year. And Hachette Book Group USA will delay a “wide selection” of e-books in 2010, spokeswoman Sophie Cottrell said.

Publishers and authors have worried that e-books might hurt sales for hardcovers;, Barnes & and other online retailers commonly price top-selling e-releases at $9.99, which publishers say is too low and could cheapen the value of books overall. Simon & Schuster CEO Carolyn Reidy said Wednesday that the rise of e-books has led to a “cannibalizing” of new hardcover purchases. via Publishers say they’re holding back some e-books – Yahoo! News

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