Paramount to start selling movie clips directly

Paramount Pictures has created a service that will sell clips of its movies to companies and, later, consumers. Users will be able to search hundreds of films, search each movie frame by frame, find the exact scene they want and click check-out. Similar to Stock video libraries the price will be based on the type of license required. The company responds to declining DVD sales and hopes to generate extra revenue streams as well as spark new interest in feature movies through the clips.

At launch, clips from over 80 of Paramount Pictures’  most successful films will be available to Paramount licensees.  The site uses Digitalsmiths  multi-screen media analysis, operations and publishing technology; VideoSense® to index, manage, distribute and further monetize Paramount’s vast digital film library on multiple screens.    

Paramount will initially restrict use to business customers — advertising agencies, mobile carriers, foreign broadcasters — that want to license pieces of films for commercial use. The plan is to ultimately open the site to consumers. People wanting to embed a specific scene from, for example  “The Godfather” on their blog could go to and buy it. via Paramount Pictures to Start Online Service to Sell Movie Clips –

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses