Mobile devices to become biggest internet connector

Morgan Stanley has released a report about the rapidly changing mobile internet market;’ ” The mobile internet report” Morgan Stanley believes that within five years more users will connect to the internet with mobile devices than with desktop PC’s

For those licensing media content this should be an important part of future plans. In many licensing models the internet is not fully developed, let alone using media on mobile devices. With the demise of many ‘old media’ outlets and a shift of the internet to mobile devices it will be important to come  up with viable solutions urgently that provide distributors of mobile content with an easy licensing model while keeping revenues for creators at a level that sustains continued production of good quality content.

The key take-aways from the report are:

  1. Material wealth creation / destruction should surpass earlier computing cycles. The mobile Internet cycle, the fifth cycle in 50 years, is just starting. Winners in each cycle often create more market capitalization than in the last. New winners emerge, some incumbents survive – or thrive – while many past winners falter.
  2. The mobile Internet is ramping faster than desktop Internet did, and we believe more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years.
  3. Five IP-based products / services are growing / converging and providing the underpinnings for dramatic growth in mobile Internet usage – 3G adoption + social networking + video + VoIP + impressive mobile devices.
  4. Apple + Facebook platforms serving to raise the bar for how users connect / communicate – their respective ramps in user and developer engagement may be unprecedented.
  5. Decade-plus Internet usage / monetization ramps for mobile Internet in Japan plus desktop Internet in developed markets provide roadmaps for global ramp and monetization.
  6. Massive mobile data growth is driving transitions for carriers and equipment providers.
  7. Emerging markets have material potential for mobile Internet user growth. Low penetration of fixed-line telephone and already vibrant mobile value-added services mean that for many EM users and SMEs, the Internet will be mobile.

“We believe more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within five years,” said Mary Meeker, leader of Morgan Stanley’s global tech research team. “We use a data-rich, theme-based framework for thinking about how the rapidly emerging and changing mobile Internet may evolve – the details are in our report.” via Morgan Stanley – Press Release.

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