Photography now showing up in car navigation

Audi is installing Google earth on the navigation equipment of their latest A8 model. The combination of Google maps and Google Earth is promising to bring navigation to a new level.  Now that Google has added images to Google maps pictures can now be shown to a driver looking to find the nearest landmark.

With their newly unveiled Audi A8, Audi is the first car manufacturer to bring Google Earth directly into the vehicle and to combine that with a set of useful Google services.  The features include 3D satellite imagery, terrain information,  Wikipedia to learn more about your surroundings and Panoramio images to get another view.

Google Maps and Local Search also feature in the A8; business listings can be sent from Google maps on the desktop to the car which will then be prepared for the route the moment the journey starts. You can also use Google local search directly from the car and get immediate results on the screen. via Google LatLong: Google & Audi take Google services in a car to the next level in the new Audi A8.

Marco | Editor

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