The two largest pictures in the world

The two largest spherical pictures in the worlkd were launched by two different companies. 360Geocities launched their 18 gigapixel spherical photo of the Prague skyline at almost the same time as this even bigger 26 gigapixel picture of the Dresden skyline was launched (Have a look here).

The specifications for the 18 gigapixel picture are imressive. The photograph was created from 600 individual exposures stitched together into a single image measuring 192,000 pixels in width by 96,000 pixels in height, or 18.4 billion pixels altogether. When printed, it will be sixteen meters (54 ft.) long at standard photographic quality.

The new record holder has even more impressive specifications: 26.000 Megapixel (297.500 x 87.500 Pixel), Photoshoot in 172 minutes, 1.655 photos with 21,4 megapixels per photo, camera canon 5d mark II, photofile with 61,8 gigabyte, computer for stitching with 48 GB memory, 4TB harddisk and dual xeon processor and 94 hours of rendering. At that same level of detail as normal printed photos, this photo could be printed 16 meters long and 8 meters tall (53 x 26.5 feet)., the creator of the first picture  also announced a treasure hunt contest, in which clues will be provided on its website to the location of 30 things within the Prague gigapixel image. The first contestant to locate and provide screenshots of all 30 items will win USD 1000.

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