LinkedIn is shifting From Free to ‘Freemium’

It’s been a while since Chris Anderson launched the term Freemium. Now more and more companies are starting to adopt this as their businessmodel. This highly popular model that is used by a large number of software companies is worth a closer look for the Stock Media licensing business as well. To some extend it exists on free image sites like Stock exchange that upsell paid photography next to the free content. In the more traditional companies it has not had much traction.

LinkedIn Corp., Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN, Skype Ltd. and other Web sites, which reeled in users with free content, are now boosting sales by adding features that customers have to pay for.

LinkedIn introduced a product last month that helps recruiting agencies scour the networking site for job candidates. In June, ESPN merged its online magazine with its Insider service, which costs $6.95 a month. Skype has added features such as voice mail and calling plans that allow users to dial land-line phones for a monthly fee.

The shift reflects a desire by Web site owners to reduce their dependence on online advertising. Instead, they’re attracting visitors with free content and then selling them premium services or subscriptions, a model known as “freemium.”

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