Photobucket and Ontela to Merge Operations and Ontela, a provider of imaging services for wireless carriers announced that the two compamies  will merge their operations. The combined company will be known as Photobucket Corporation.

The information below is a summary from the press release. Photobucket has 22 million unique users in the US while Ontela’s software is used by 30 wireless carries in the US. Photobucket will us these wireless carrier relationships to provide distribution and consumer access to more than 140 million wireless subscribers, while Ontela will drive uptake of its mobile applications by capitalizing on Photobucket’s brand and highly active user base.

News Corporation, which acquired Photobucket in 2007, will hold a significant equity stake in the combined company and will be represented on the company’s board of directors. The Photobucket management team will continue to operate the business and play strong leadership roles in the combined company.

Tom Munro, Ontela’s chief financial officer, who will become president of the combined company said, “We are pleased to bring together these two dynamic companies that are at the leading edge of the explosion of content sharing in the digital photography space. We believe Photobucket’s vast consumer audience and content leadership – and the talented team of professionals who have driven the business – complements and brings great promise to Ontela’s technology leadership in mobile photo sharing applications.”

Photobucket is one of the largest standalone photo sites in the world. More than 11 million photos, graphics, and videos are uploaded to Photobucket every day and the site serves more than 100 billion images each month.

Ontela is the leading provider of services that get pictures off camera phones. Ontela’s proprietary technology automatically uploads pictures from phones, solving the last remaining problem with mobile photography – getting at the pictures. Ontela�

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