Vimeo sued by EMI over music in video’s

Vimeo is being sued by music company EMI over songs used as backing for video’s that are posted on the site. EMI’s actual concern is with all the full-song verbatim audio available on Vimeo.It wants Vimeo to properly license the tracks that  are used in this fashion.

EMI isn’t going after mash-ups, and is careful to say that it is “not seeking to stifle creativity or preclude members of the public from creating original, lawful audiovisual works.” But it does want to stop usage of “the entire musical work deliberately and carefully synchronized into the video.” EMI even says that Vimeo allows uploads of “videos that consist of nothing more than a ‘record player’ playing a commercial recording.”

via Vimeo sued; have staffers uploaded infringing content?.

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