Every National Geographic since 1888 on one hardrive

In another showcase for the move from paper to digital National Geographic is now offering all its editions on a single harddrive. The 160 GB hard drive contains every issue of the magazine since 1888. This means 120 years of printed issues including maps and high resolutio photography. The content can be explored through an advanced interface that allows searching in a number of different ways.

For creators and distributors of photography and other Stock Media this raises the question of the scope of licenses, both existing and those that will be issued in the future. With companies using a richer mix of media, some of them new, it is important that contet owners and creators provide an easy and flexible way to license content for this media mix.

The hard drive measures  3″ x 5″ and requires a USB connection. Of the 160GB there will be about 100GB left for personal use or future upgrades. 

The Complete National Geographic on 160-GB Hard Drive is not shippable outside of the U.S. and Canada. The price in the US is $199.95. You can also buy the same content on CD or DVD.

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