Augmented reality iPhone in an iPhone

Augmented reality has become quite a hype in 2009. While some of the applications are firmly in the gadget area others have proven much more useful. There are some applications that are even a bit too good to be true (but pretty funny). The ones that are of particular interest for creators and distributors of (Stock) Media content are those proposed by magazines as seen in the Esquire and Wallpaper* plans.When magazines go beyond paper and open up more content to readers they will have to reach out to creators of that content to create and license the content.

The video below is a great showcase of what’s possible with the technology. It will show you an iPhone that you can not only look at from every direction, you can even use the built-in (fake) apps of the ‘iPhone in an iPhone’. While this is not an application that necessarily will use a lot of Stock Media it does show the rapid developments in the field.

Picture: Sunrise | Salva-Barbera

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses