Cooliris builds “The Gallery” for Google’s Nexus phone

I interviewed Cooliris for the first edition of our magazine. The team explained how their free software helps sites and devices be more engaging to clients. They also talked about some of the innovations and partnerships they were planning. Following the launch of the Nexus phone by Google they have now announced their partnership with Google for an interactie gallery on the phone. The application basically brings the dynamic wall that has been available for computers for some time to the phone. On the Nexus the application is called the gallery:

 “Cooliris delivers products and experiences that make the web more exciting, cool and useful for consumers,” said Andy Rubin, Vice President, Google. “The Gallery, developed by Cooliris, is a perfect example of how the Android platform can be leveraged to create differentiated experiences on smartphones and other devices.”

 The Gallery is designed to scan quickly through thumbnails of media and loads the high-resolution versions on selection. Using geolocation and tagging, users can sort their media into digital stacks by date, time and location, making it easier to find and organize photos and videos. Users can also pull existing albums from their desktops or access Picasa web albums.

 “Cooliris is committed to providing the most compelling and easy-to-use applications for consuming media across multiple devices, including mobile and desktop,” said Soujanya Bhumkar, co-founder and CEO, Cooliris. “We are honored to join together with Google, the Open Handset Alliance and the open source community in order to collaborate and move Android even further ahead in delivering the ultimate mobile consumer experience.”

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses