Latest e-Reader comes with ultra thin, flexible screen

The 7th to the 10th of January is the week  the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is taking place in Las Vegas Nevada, USA. In another post I wrote about the Microsoft Courier that is about to be unveiled when I write this post. Another exciting innovation is the Skiff. An e-Reader from the Hearst Corporation. The Skiff is the thinnest e-Reader so far with the biggest screen and comes with a full touch screen. The screen is 11.5″ in size (measured diagonally) and has a resolution of 1200 x 1600 pixels (UXGA).

The biggest innovation is the screen. It is the first consumer product to feature the next-generation of e-paper display – one based on a thin, flexible sheet of stainless-steel foil (It’s made by LG) This make the Skiff flexible and light which is a great new feature.


The touchscreen is integrated to enable new ways to navigate through newspapers, magazines, books and other digtal content.  The device weighs just over one pound

“The Skiff Reader’s big screen will showcase print media in compelling new ways,” said Gilbert Fuchsberg, president of Skiff, LLC. “This is consistent with Skiff’s focus on delivering enhanced reading experiences that engage consumers, publishers and advertisers.”

Skiff also announced a new consumer e-reading service platform that will launch in 2010. According to Skiff  this will: “Deliver enhanced content experiences to dedicated e-readers. Newspaper and magazine content delivered by Skiff will feature visually appealing layouts, high-resolution graphics, rich typography and dynamic updates, supporting key design qualities that help publications differentiate themselves and attract subscribers and advertisers”.

The combination of the flexible screen and rich content that is planned brings the vision of a number of magazines a bit closer. Too bad it’s not in full colour yet. The content partners that would deliver the dynamic content have also not been announced yet.

Marco | Editor

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