Picture library to launch magazine

Mary Evans Picture Library is to launch Me&You magazine that will give their clients insight into the various aspects of the libraries collection. The first issue features a retrospective of the swinging sixties, a peek into fascinating material held on the notorious Mitford sisters and a set of topical illustrations on the crossword craze of the 1920s complete with a crossword puzzle for readers to try their hand.

“ME & You magazine is an exciting development in our communication with clients,” says Paul Brown, Managing Director. “We send out a monthly email newsletter which focuses on anniversaries, events and new collections, as well as our annual calendar and other direct mail pieces such as the popular Little Book series, but the magazine allows us to look at a variety of subjects in more detail and on a regular basis. Obviously, the focus will always be on pictures, but, as a historical image library, we also like to tell the story behind those pictures, and believe that the chance to read, learn and enjoy will still appeal to our customers.”

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses