Imagesource goes on ImageExchange

Image Source is the latest company to add its entire collection of images to the PicScout platform. This will make the collection visible and available to ImageExchange™ users. 

Christina Vaughan says, “We laud and support the PicScout goal to credit every image and enlarge the scope of image recognition and rights across the digital marketplace. Image Source looks forward to bringing our renowned and distinguished stock photography through ImageExchange to reach our loyal clients everywhere.”

“PicScout is very pleased to have reached this important agreement with Image Source and add them to the twenty plus leading companies partnered in ImageExchange. Image Source is among our industry’s most highly respected companies and continues our momentum as we strive to meet the significant challenge that every image get its credit,” said Offir Gutelzon, PicScout founder and CEO. “We look forward to making the Image Source content–some of the world’s finest photography– available to our growing force of ImageExchange users very soon.”

The ImageExchange idea is one to watch for companies distributing stock photography as it makes it easier to search images via Google or other search engines and then find the rightsholder/creator directoy, bypassing traditional stock photography companies. Search engines have launched a number of innovations in 2009 that make finding images easier but the disadvantage had always been finding who to contact. (leading to unauthorised usages). If images are now tagged and if search engines become more sophisticated in finding images distributors may have to re-evaluate their businessmodel as supply and demand could possibly connect directly in the near future.

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