New Tablet PC’s creating opportunities for Stock Media’s long tail.

Mashable, a site that writes about Social Media has had another look at the Apple tablet (the one that’s not actually launched yet). While the hype continues about  tablet devices like the Apple tablet, the Microsoft Courier and others  it has looked at industries it may impact after its launch.

It’s Like the iPod and the iPhone, an Apple-built tablet could not only become a consumer hit, but actually redefine multiple industries and how they do business. Here are just some of the ways an Apple Tablet could spark a revolution. via 5 Industries an Apple Tablet Could Revolutionize.

The five industries Mashable comes up with are:

  1. Publising and Media
  2. Healthcare
  3. Entertainment
  4. Finance
  5. Computing

The Stock Media industry will also see the benefits of the new devices as readers can dig much deeper into the content. While a single article may contain only a few images it will be possible to provide contextual content around various parts of the article. In an article about Formula 1 racing for example a reader will be able to click on a team and see pictures of the history of the team. If the reader is interested in the racing circuit it will be possible to pull up the history of the track through images and if he is interested in a particular team it would be possible to serve up all type of images and video’s about the team.

The key is a very fast, flexible and simple licensing model that allows publishers using these devices to buy and use content quickly. While prices may be low and get even lower the amount of long tail content being used will increase strongly offering new opportunities for content creators and distributors.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses