Apple to launch their tablet next week?

CNN reports it has received an invite from Apple to attend a major product launch. Commentators hope that Apple will use the event to show their much anticipated tablet-style computer. This device will be one of many that will launch this year and could have an important impact on the amount of stock photography, video and illustration used in magazines. The tablet is said to feature iPhone-like functionality packed in a 10″ screen. The colour screen and navigation as seen on the iPhone will be a step forward from the one colour, button operated readers that are on the market now. This new generation of devices will allow publications to experiment with much richer content. It will provide companies that have the technology to provide contextual media with a platform that allows tapping into the longtail of their libraries.

“Come see our latest creation,” says the invite, which was sent Monday by e-mail. The e-mail invitation shows an image of bright colors splashed around an Apple logo. It does not show photos of products or specify what products Apple will discuss at the event. The press event will be held at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10 a.m. PT on January 27, according to the announcement. via Apple invites press to see ‘our latest creation’ –

There seems to be confirmation from another source that this may in fact be the anticipated launch of the tablet:

An analyst at AVI Securities said Friday morning that the Apple tablet is “in full production” and a research note stated that Apple “NAND” flash chip requirements may be increasing because of the tablet. The Apple tablet information comes from “a maker of components going into the Apple tablet,” according to analyst Matt Thornton. “It’s been in the supply chain for a while and entered full production this month.

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