Panthermedia launches new website

Panther Media, a marketplace for Royalty Free photography with over one million images and illustrations, is introducing a new website. First of all the company is changing the design including the ability to change the background colour. Navigation is also changing with a larger and more central search box. Panther Media is also paying more attention to social media with links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. A number of other highlights from the list of changes are: 

  • Faster Search and page-flipping thanks to cache technology.
  • When searching for images customers can select how much information about and around the images will be displayed in search results
  • The mouse-over-image feature displays all desired image-relevant information and buttons.
  • In the preview modus of an image, similar images from the same photographer are displayed automatically

PantherMedia is a marketplace for Royalty Free (RF) photography. Suppliers as well as buyers of commercial and editorial imagery meet on one shared platform consisting of a photocommunity for photographers and a stock agency for image buyers.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses