Photolibrary acquires Peter Arnold collection

Photolibrary  has announce its acquisition of New York-based Peter Arnold Inc . The company has already acquired a number of specialist agencies like Garden Picture Library , Oxford Scientific  (OSF), Fresh Food Images, Britain on View and Monsoon images.

Glenn Parker, Photolibrary Group CEO commented “The Peter Arnold collection will significantly enhance our content in the key specialty subject categories of science, medical and natural history. Coupled with our UK-based Oxford Scientific (OSF) range, the combined collections will number over 200,000 digital images.  As always we will be maintaining the Peter Arnold website and will launch a new and improved version within the next few months. In addition the content will also be placed on our global generalist site thereby further enhancing the revenue generating ability for the Peter Arnold contributors.”

“In Photolibrary, I’m happy to have found a good home for the Peter Arnold collection.  After more than 40 years in the photo industry I’m happy to be moving on knowing the Peter Arnold collection will be well-looked out for and given a renewed chance to grow and prosper.” 

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses