How to stop wasting money in meetings

If you’re curious and want to know how much money you are loosing in meetings here’s a great little tool for you. at  you can enter a number of variables like your industry, the subject and the type of people that participate and they will calculate how much it costs to conduct the meeting. Salaries and job titles have been pulled from multiple online resources, including the Department of Labor Statistics. Assigned values are based on industry averages. calculates exactly how much your lousy meeting is going to cost by looking at the specific industries, companies, meeting length, and salaries of the attendees.

“Our friend Goolah is at your disposal to help you get you out of your boring meetings. He values your time (unlike your co-workers) and will be brutally honest—whether it’s evaluating your meeting, or crushing your hopes and dreams. He keeps it real like that.”

“We endorse making the best out of a bad situation. We highly suggest spending wasteful meeting money on something of real value like providing clean water to people around the world through Charity Water, or supporting the relief efforts in Haiti through the Red Cross. Each meeting results page includes a link to donate money in non-borings ways like giving to the aforementioned organizations.”

“MEETorDIE has been started by Vaporware Labs  which is a bootstrapped Silicon Valley  startup made up of ex-EA, ex-Apple, and other ex-guys (no ex-husbands or ex-cons…yet).”

Marco | Editor

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