Actionplus reporting from the Winter Olympics

With a major investment in time, planning and costs, Action Plus, accredited by the British Olympic Organization and International Olympic Committee (IOC ) are in Vancouver to capture all the action of the Winter Olympics. The events, mostly held in Vancouver and the Whistler locations, will be photographed by direct staff photographers and beamed back from the events for immediate distribution to newspapers, magazines and agencies worldwide.

Stephen Hearn (MD) commented, ‘as part of our live event expansion, this Olympic Games was a not-to -miss event and we are pleased to be recognized by the BOC and IOC to photograph the two weeks of action. We expect to be covering all of the events on the Olympic calendar and have made arrangements to receive pictures from partner agencies where our photographers cannot attend due to overlaps. We expect wonderful coverage and are sure our clients will be pleased with the output’ Action Plus Sports Images has been providing live images from all sports events for over 35 years and works with all major newspapers, magazines and book publishers to provide up to date and relevant images from all over the world each day.’

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses