How to add social networks to Microsoft Outlook

Doing business is getting a bit easier regularly with a wave of integrations of social media platforms, devices and “traditional” software. In a bid to outdo Google’s integration of gMail  with its new social media platform Buzz Microsoft  is announcing a number of integrations of their own.

With the social connector , Microsoft Outlook  can now be connected with Linkedin , Facebook  and mySpace . I’ve installed Linkedin and it flawlessly imported my contacts including all contactdetails and a profile picture. Some may argue that Outlook is mostly business oriented while Facebook is more personal and mySpace for music fans. Any user will be able to determine this for themselves. It looks like Microsoft recognises that personal and business networks are merging ever more and has responded to Google by announcing these major integrations.

While the Linkedin connection is live, Facebook and mySpace will follow later this year. Check out the video for information about the Linkedin integration.

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Marco | Editor

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