Corbis simplifies rights managed licensing model

A number of changes have been announced in the stock photography industry in the first months of 2010. First there was Veer  who said they will effectively merge royalty free and microstock images on Then there was Getty Images  with the launch of their subscription model Thinkstock . Today it’s back to Corbis  as they introduce changes to the only model that had not been touched yet this year, the rights managed licensing system.

Corbis is making changes to its online calculator for rights managed images in an effort to make licensing simpler. Rajiv Jain, CTO and SVP/General Manager (That’s a lot of titles for one person…) said Corbis has reinvented the rights managed licensing model and “brought the RM price calculator into the internet age”.

The calculator allows customers to see the price for multipletypes of pre-defined usages at once, in a grid format. The goal is to enable clients to compare prices for various uses. It also now offers quick licenses, which are pre-configured licensing options. It appears that this functionality is similar to the various fixed packages that exist in the market today.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses