Photoshelter integrates Picscout for its photographers

Photographers that host and manage their collections on Photoshelter  will, from now on, automatically be added to the PicScout Image IRC ™ (index, registry and connection platform).

Once included in PicScout’s ImageIRC, PhotoShelter photographers’ images will be identified by PicScout’s ImageExchange™ add-on which populates an icon on images wherever they are used online. This universally recognized  icon provides valuable information to image users while they’re searching for new images to license or purchase, and in one click provides a direct connection back to the PhotoShelter photographer’s e-commerce page to facilitate legitimate image sales.

The first step will include adding 8 milion images to the ImageIRC. Photoshelter CEO Allen Murabayashi said:

“Our partnership with PicScout gives our photographers a truly tangible way to increase image sales by allowing their images to be identified with PicScout’s ImageExchange. When image users encounter one of our photographer’s images online, whether it be via a search engine, at a content website, or wherever an image resides, the user will be provided a very obvious link directly back to the photographer’s e-commerce enabled site on PhotoShelter,”

Initially the service will be free for photographers. Once the trial is over there will be commercial terms and photographers can opt in-or out. 

Photographers and media are invited to join a webinar on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 3 PM EST, as PhotoShelter CEO Allen Murabayashi and PicScout CEO Offir Gutelzon will discuss the complete details of the new partnership, including rollout timing and future plans. Register here.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses