How much simpler can licensing models get?

Here’s something we can relate to as consumers: A chart that shows the different steps you have to take to be able to watch a legal DVD as opposed to a pirated version.

The message is clear, while obviously DVD’s are pirated for their price (free) the legal versions are also putting up some other barriers for consumers to use them. There are similarities to other media here, stock photography being one of them. Microstock was not just cheaper, it’s also much easier to buy in a few clicks while getting free images from sites like Stock Exchange only take a few clicks to download and use.

Price is important, speed is essential. Media users need more content and need it faster every day, any barrier to purchase and download will lead buyers to other alternatives that are easier to access. Will image buyers continue to go through a long purchase path to buy Rights Managed Photography? And will they go through it again when they want to extend their license? It’s unlikely.

There seems to be a real opportunity in further simplification that allows for quick and easy licensing. What do buyers need to improve the process?

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses

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