Fotolia launches Flixtime website

Fotolia has launched a new site called Flixtime. Like Animoto, a site on which we reported on earlier, Flixtime allows users to make 60 second music video’s with Fotolia photography. The site has just been launched after 2 years of preparation. Users can also use their own photos and videos which keeps the service free. For Fotolia images they will pay the regular microstock fees. AudioMicro provides the music tracks, sound effects, and stock music. This new initiative may be one of the results of the reported $50-$100 million in investment Fotolia would have received in 2009. This is what the management of both companies said about the new site:

“We have been getting more and more demand from users who want a tool that easily creates stunning videos by using images and text. Companies from all over the world have video needs, whether for websites, projects, or presentations. Until now, production costs were very high,” says Fotolia and Flixtime CEO Oleg Tscheltzoff. “Just like we democratized stock images on Fotolia by offering images for under $1 USD, we have made videos accessible and affordable to countless companies. Instead of investing tons of money in equipment, talent, and a location to produce videos, our users can simply use their content, or the images and music provided by Flixtime, to create the videos they envision.”

Ryan Born, CEO of AudioMicro says, “We are very pleased to partner with Flixtime to provide the music for such an amazing technology. With just one click, Flixtime users can bring energy and emotion to their videos by adding music. We’ve supplied a handpicked selection, spanning nearly every musical genre and style. With tracks for everyone, Flixtime users are sure to have the perfect soundtrack and take their videos to the next level.”

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses