Bigstock makes changes to website

Bigstock, a royalty free stock photography agency has announced changes to its website. The new site was designed in collaboration with subscription agency Shutterstock. The company also launched a blog dedicated to covering company news, as well as updates from buyers, contributors and guest bloggers. The site gets a new interface and a number of functions to improve the user experience. Changes  include

  • Advanced search capabilities
  • More intuitive navigation
  • Larger image previews and thumbnails
  • Improved tools for contributors.
  • “We kept the customer in mind at every step of this redesign,” said Jon Oringer, CEO of Bigstock. “These upgrades to Bigstock, along with our proven payment and licensing models, will help image buyers get the right image fast and ensure the continued success of our contributors.” An important feature of the site is its vastly improved search engine, which has been enhanced to provide the perfect balance of quality, relevance, popularity and freshness in search results. The engine’s specialized search algorithm will enable buyers to quickly and simply find the perfect stock photo, vector or illustration for their needs.

    Marco | Editor

    Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses