Microsoft Booklet versus Apple iPad

We reported on the Microsoft Courier  before here. This prototype tablet device is set to compete with the recently launched Apple iPad . A number of video’s and pictures have been circulating on the web over the past few days and we have them here. Where the iPad as a screensize of just over 10 inch the Microsoft Courier, dubbed a ‘booklet pc’ works with two 7 inch screens hinged in the middle. This gives users the option to use both screens for different applications while dragging and dropping elements from screen to screen. The device is more compact than the iPad and these video’s show interesting applications beyond reading magazines and books. As usual the Microsoft device appears to focus more on a professional market rather then entertainment.


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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Booklet versus Apple iPad

  • March 9, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    This “article” is clearly designed to promote the MS product over the iPad, as there is absolutely no actual comparison of the two products. This makes sense, because the MS Courier videos are not of an actual working product but of a product concept created via animation and rendering. In other words, it doesn’t exist. Now, if Microsoft were actually able to create this product with the functionality shown in a fast, compact and crash-proof device, I would be pretty impressed. I honestly have my doubts.

  • March 9, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    Hi Ken,

    Check out the various posts I’ve done on the iPad previously. You may agree that we’ve given that a lot of attention as it’s such an important device. it’s just that the video’s about the courier are new and therefore useful to look at (like the Sports Illustrated, Bonnier and Wired video demo’s for the iPad we showed here earlier).

    Just in case, there are certainly no affiliations with MS. I have to say I do personally like the concept of the hinged screens, but as you said, we need to wait and see what the endproduct will look like


  • March 10, 2010 at 10:51 pm


    Thanks for the clarification.

    Having said that, these concept videos have been around for a while now. They were actually released by MS months before the iPad was launched, likely with the hope that it would take away some of the upcoming iPad’s buzz.

    From the videos, the concept looks very impressive. However, one can do whatever they want with renderings and animation when there’s no real product. It’s akin to seeing old sci fi movies with lazer guns, space ships, and transporters. The ideas looked impressive but nobody knew (or knows) how to make the concept a reality.

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