So magazines are not dead?

At the opening of the American Association of Advertising Agencies rumours or their death had been greatly exaggerated  meeting in New York City a number of publishing executives launched their ‘good news’ message about magazines, saying the rumours or their death had been greatly exaggerated. They point to statistics that show success in print and emphasise that different media can ‘Coexist peacefully ” Not everyone believes in their views as some of the comments show. It seems realistic though that while a further decline is likely and more costs will have to be cut, there is a place for several types of media in any mix of communication tools.

Contributors to the video are:

Cathie Black, President of Hearst Magazines , Jack Griffin, President of Meredith National Media , Ann Moore, Chairman & CEO of Time Inc ., Charles Townsend, President & CEO of Condé Nast  and Jann Wenner, Chairman of Wenner Media 


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