The “tablet wars” have started

Over 50 tablet devices may be launched in  2010 following the launch of the iPad .

The coming swarm of tablets has even prompted ARM, Intel’s main rival in the mobile microprocessor business, to rent more space at the Computex electronics trade show in Taipei this year to show off the devices, in addition to e-readers, mini-laptops and other devices that use ARM processing cores. “The first tablet devices will launch in the second quarter by [mobile network] carriers,” said Roy Chen, ARM’s worldwide mobile computing ODM manager, during a press meeting in Taipei. “You’ll see a lot more in the third quarter.” via ARM sees over 50 new iPad-like devices out this year.

While we will certainly not follow every single launch  and feature we will keep a close eye on innovative features that make the digital media experience smoother and more relevant. This time it’s Adobe that’s on the attack. When Apple  launched the iPad it decided not to feature flash on the device. Adobe now responds with a demo of the upcoming HP tablet, that does feature Adobe’s flash software. It points to statistics claiming the vast majority of websites use flash and will find the HP tablet much more suitable than the iPad. Have a look at the video and make up your own mind which device you prefer.


Marco | Editor

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