House of Lords passes Digital Economy Bill, petitions and protest planned

According to the BBC, the UK House of Lords has passed the Digital Economy Bill . It is now expected to be rushed through the commons before the election. The fiercely debated Bill has come up against resistance from leading internet companies like Facebook and Google as well as industry organisations like the British Association of Picture Libraries  who disagrees with certain clauses in the Bill. The bill will cut of internet users that are suspected of piracy by rightsholders. The users will then have to prove their innocence rather then being ‘presumed innocent’  The BBC reports:

“Last week, it emerged that the wording of the Lib Dem amendment was almost identical to a draft written by the BPI, which lobbies on behalf of the British music industry.”

Opponents of the Bill say that the changes of someones internet connection being abused by others is high, people should be presumed innocent and cutting of individuals from the internet limits people’s basic rights. Techdirt calls the bill:

“…a piece of legislation written by the entertainment industry against consumer interests, to try to prop up an obsolete business model.”

There are a number of petitions running against the Bill and a protest march is planned in London on the 24th march

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses