You can now embed Animoto video tool on your website

We interviewed Animoto  last year and were impressed with the very simple way to create a compelling video presentation from stills, video and music elements, automatically. Animoto is now introducing Quickstart, a tool that allows companies to initiate Animoto projects directly from their websites.

The service is targeted at websites that aggregate photography content. The intention is to allow photographers to build Animoto video’s directly from the sites where they already host and sell their stills and video. The Animoto video’s can be resold as well.

 “We’re inspired by the amazing success stories we’ve been hearing from photographers who use Animoto and with the launch of Quickstart, we’re extending Animoto to where photos are stored in order to make it even easier to create Animoto videos,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO & Co-founder of Animoto. “Quickstart gives photographers a quick start in creating their Animoto videos from partner sites. We’re very encouraged by the strong positive response that Quickstart has received from market leaders like White House Custom Colour, ProSelect, SmugMug, and a growing list of future integration partners. Our goal is to make Animoto one-click away from all the places that photographers store their photos.”

The company says the setup witll take hours to implement and has also started a referral program for partners that send new subscribers to Animoto. More information about Animoto Quickstart can be found at the Animoto Developer portal. The company also plans to bring out more tools in the future.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses