Connect with digital media buyers and sellers in new community

The first registrations to Fast Media Connect, the community for the digital media industry are coming in. We have been testing this new feature this week and are happy to say that everything is working (famous last words).


I’d like to invite you to register and become part of a community where buyers can meet sellers, networks are built, problems are solved, partnerships created and debate facilitated. On top of that we hope it will be fun and allow you to connect to old colleagues, new partners and unexpected opportunities.

It’s highly likely that you are already one of the 400 million people on Facebook, you may be on linkedin and even be part of a local community site. We believe these are all great ways to express yourself, be entertained and, in the case of linkedin expand your professional network. Fast Media Connect is  a specialist network where you can do most things you can do on the large network, but you can do it with those closest to your professionally. This means you can get to the point quicker, find more relevant information and even get down to business. Most importantly as a buyer you can stay close to your suppliers, in real time.

So what does the community add to our existing features? Here are a few ideas:


  • What are the best business ideas out there?
  • How should digital media be priced?
  • Will if all digital media become free?


  • Buyers can stay up to date with the latest development at their suppliers while sellers can inform their clients real-time.
  • Invite existing and old colleagues as well as new contacts that can help you solve problems and find information
  • Start and moderate groups on specific subjects that you’re interested in or want to get more information on
  • Send direct messages to people otherwise out of reach
  • Those looking for a career change can indicate so in their profile and status
  • Who’s going to which events?

Do business

  • Buyers can post research requests that can be picked up by sellers
  • Sellers can connect to creators to improve their product portfolio
  • Sellers and creators can tell buyers about new products in their status updates and groups
  • Anyone can share business opportunities quickly and easily

It works like any community out there, this means registration is easy (please add a picture) and functionality is straightforward. You will notice a navigationbar at the top of the screen from which you can access all pages. We have also added the main pages to our navigationpar, just look under the community button. A few technical things: If, during registration you don’t get the confirmation screen please check all the required fields. Username is lowercase only, check your email etc. If you get the confirmation you will receive an email confirmation. Please check your spam folder as it may have gone there.

We hope you’ll start playing around with it this week, and if you like it please spread the word and get your clients, suppliers and partners involved. Do let us know how things are going.

Best regards,

Marco Oonk

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses