Say hello to advertising on the iPad

We’ve found a few new prototypes of iPad editions of existing magazines. They may not be as exciting as the Sports Ilustrated, Viv, Interview and Wired demo’s but they give another glimpse at the scope of solutions publishers are working on. The first demo comes from a different angle. Photographer Jesse Rosten showcases a cover using a moving image. On his site he says:

“With the iPad, there’s really no longer a landscape limitation for video. Maybe you want your vid to appear full screen in portrait mode? Maybe you need a long, tall video banner-ad on the side of a digital magazine page? I think we’re going to start seeing a lot more vertically shot video soon. The simplest way to get a portrait orientation out of your video camera is to flip it. Flip it good. So get yourself an L-bracket and get shooting (if you shoot with a fixed monitor you might want to also get yourself a neck brace and a chiropractor).”

Here’s his demo


iPad Sunset Mag Cover Spec from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire takes a linear approach in their demo. Like the other demo’s here the functionality resembles existing solutions for ‘flipable’ magazines. It’s similar to how we produce Fast Media Magazine and delivers the familiarity of the magazine format, presented digitally.

New York Times


Pixelmags demo’s it’s existing website functionality on a tablet device.

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