Stock photo agency Fotomind closes

Fotomind , a royalty free stock photography agency that was launched in 2007 in Romania is closing shop. The company had a community of 2.934 contributors. The company was part of  Firestorm srl, that also sells a gaming engine called Mobex 3D

Fotomind blames ‘unprecendented circumstances’ and will close on the 15th of April. It has put the following notification on their website: will be closing on 15th April 2010

Due to unprecedented circumstances, Fotomind will be closing on 15th April 2010.

  • What happens on 15th April?
    • All your photos and personal information will be permanently removed from our servers.
  •  I still have unused image credits…
    • You’ll need to use all your remaining credits before 15th April, otherwise you will lose them.
  •  What happens to the images I’ve purchased?
    • They will be permanently removed. To prevent losing them, you should download all your purchased photos to your computer.
  •  What happens to the images I’ve uploaded?
    • They will be permanently removed. All related model/property releases will also be removed.
  •  I haven’t received a payout for my last month…
    • If you have a balance of more than $25.0 (excluding bonuses) please contact us in order to receive a payout. All payouts will be sent after 15th April. If you have less than $25.0 you can convert your earnings into credits and purchase photos from Fotomind until 15th April. Contact us for more infomation.
  •  What happens to my Fotomind account?
    • All your personal information provided on Fotomind will be permanently deleted, with no exceptions.

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