Alamy gearing up for the advertising and design market

Alamy  photographers can now upload digital copies of model and property releases. These releases are essential for usages of the photography for advertising and design purposes. The digital releases are now part of the existing upload process and photographers will now be prompted to include a release. The step is now mandatory and the company recommends that releases for previously loaded images should be updated.Head of Content Alan Capel said:

“Enabling our photographers to upload, store and assign releases is a key step in gearing up our products and services for the advertising and design market.”

In seperate news Alamy announced press events in London (April 20) and New York (April 22) where a new product line for the advertising and design market will be introduced by the companies CEO, James West.  On the events he will also take about the philosophy behind Alamy, including donations of a big proportion of its profits to charitable causes.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses