Matrixphotos launches iPhone app that helps you find celebrities

Matrixphotos , a UK-based celebrity photography agency has launched an iPhone app that allows users to find celebrities nearby. The application doesn’t just stand on its own, it also allows the agency to source user-generated content for its library. The app is called Celebaround. The video on the website gives a clear explanation of how it works.

Anyone spotting a celebrity can indicate the name and location in the app. The combined network of spotters, combined with matrix photographers create a map with pins that indicate who’s been spotted where. Users can then drill down, find more pictures, add to favourites. An extra twist is that user can upload their own pictures of celebrities to the app so others can see them. If you do so, it’s worth checking the terms and conditions as this makes you a contributor to Matrixphotos and you will loose rights to the pictures, on the plus-side you will be paid for any sales of your pictures. See this excerpt from the terms and conditions:

“You agree that for the duration of the licence period of this Agreement you will not appoint another individual or commercial entity to represent you for any commercial exploitation of your Media.

In the event that we successfully license your Media to one or more Third Party Buyers you will be paid 50% of all licensing fees, including secondary and subsequent licensing paid to us by the relevant Third Party Buyers after deduction of VAT and similar taxes which fall due”

At a first glance this looks like a creative, innovative and open-minded way to involve users in both the generation as well as the usage of content. If you have any views on the applications do let us know in the comments.


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  • April 7, 2010 at 7:44 am

    This is absolute quality……

    apparently Grant from Eastenders goes to my local Tesco…OMG!xx

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