[Updated] Apple sells 450.000 iPads, 3,5 million apps downloaded

[Updated] Steve Jobs has confirmed that 150.000 iPads have been sold. 600.000 Books have been downloaded. A total of 3,5 million apps have been downloaded. In a seperate report here’s a video showing what a 2-year old can do with an iPad, besides breaking it, at the end of the movie.

 Apple not only sold 300.000 iPads in the US in the first week of sales, it Also saw dowloads of 1 million apps for the iPad. While the sales are significant some analysts had expected them to be closer to 700.000. There were also 250.000 downloads from the new bookstore on the iPad.

The hype is now on and tests are everywhere on the web. Not everyone believes the iPad is the saviour of everything media. In fact, here’s a post saying it’s ‘all a bit CD-Rom’, another device that was to save the media industry. The magazines and newspapers that are being read are mostly downloaded through iTunes and some publishers are getting a bit nervous about the control that Apple has when it launches the expected magazine store next to the existing bookstore an iTunes. This would give Apple a firm hold on media distribution. Expect publishers to respond in the months to come.

Marco | Editor

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