Photographer John Bulmer at the Hotshoe gallery

The Hotshoe gallery in London will open a John Bulmer retrospective that will show from the 14th of April to the 1st of May. The touring exhibition from the Hereford photography festival and curated by Bridget Coaker will be open to visitors at the gallery on 29-31 Saffron Hill, Farringdon, London

John Bulmer  was a pioneer of colour photography in the early 1960’s working for the Sunday Times Magazine from the very first issue till the 1970’s. He started shooting stories on Cambridge for Queen Magazine, the Daily Express newspaper, and finally a story on the Night Climbers of Cambridge which sold to Life Magazine. In London he worked at the Daily Express. He started shooting for fashion magazine, Town magazine that included some groundbreaking stories.

When colour photography started John Bulmer became one of the most prolific contributors of colour reportage to the Sunday Times Colour Section. He has had pictures shown at the gallery of modern art, the photographers’ gallery in London and the National museum of photography in Bradford. Bulmer also made documentary films and he is now focused on cataloguing his collection of, many unseen, pictures.


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