3D teleconferencing coming to a boardroom near you

We’ve been introduced to 3d movies this winter with the blockbuster Avatar , and as a result of its success a new wave of movies is hitting cinemas soon. Here’s an example of how 3d might be hitting boardrooms. It won’t quite be this summer, or even this year but the technology is exciting nevertheless. This solution by the Institute for creative technologies (ICT) in Southern California has produced a prototype setup for a holographic way to conduct a teleconference.

The process starts with a participant being filmed by a high speed video camera. On the receiving end this picture is projected on a double spinning mirror allowing people to look at the projection from various angles. The institute says it addresses the need to give important visual cues to express emotion, attention and interest. A lot of these factors come through in eye-contact which this package delivers. The technology behind this is actually pretty complicated. For a look behind the scenes check out the ICT website or simply check out the demo below.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses