Bridgeman art library to scan Huntington library

Bridgeman art library, a leading fine art library will represent the Huntington Library and Art Collectionsin San Marino, California. The company has already started to scan prints from the collection.The Huntington collection includes manuscripts, British and French 18th & 19th century paintings, 18th century French grand-siecle furniture, 20th century American prints, photographs and sculpture. This is what Bridgeman says about the collection:

“The institution comprises a world-class library, exceptional botanical gardens and an extensive art collection. The collection was started by businessman and art lover Henry Huntington in 1919, and the main art gallery now occupies his former home on the site. The lavish Beaux-Arts mansion is almost as much a testament to the man and his wealth and taste as the collection it houses. Huntington has been described as a ‘man of vision’, which the centre upholds in spirit to this day as it serves its community as a permanent center for education, research and cultural programs.


Marco | Editor

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