Greek man sues over portrait on Turkish yoghurt

Mainstream media have caught on to what an industry knew was always a possibility. A Greek man is suing Swedish Yogurt company Lindahl for $6.9 million for using his portrait on packaging of Turkish Yogurt. The man dressed in traditional Greek clothing and sporting a characteristic moustache was not aware that the image had been used on the packaging since 2001 until a Swedish friend pointed it out.

Why is he not amused? Greek and Turkey have a notoriously difficult relationship so being the face of Turkish yogurt has been upsetting. On the PDN pulse blog the lawyer of the man has reacted and the source of the image has been found. It appears it was clearly labelled as not model released. A commentator has found that the images was taken by Yvan Travert and distributed by Nordicphotos, Reflexstock and other agencies.

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses