News summary and digest April 18th

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    In the UK, the Express newspapers have shown their approach to the newspapers on the iPad. Worth having a look at the demo […]
    Italian stock photography agency Olycom  has relaunced its website. The site now offers music and animations as well as a number of galleries. Creative and news search engines have been integrated and the homepage highlights new agencies, photographers, promotions, top stories an news. A refocus on photographers is shown with extended profiles and galleries for each […]
    For companies that are not sure how to deal with social media here’s a small step that can help the decision making process. Vitrue , a company that specialises in social media has put a valuation on a Facebook fan. It claims a Facebook fan may be worth $3,60. Vitrue says the value of a Facebook page […]Read: How much is a Facebook fan worth?It’s not just the portrait of a Greek man on a pot of Turkish Yoghurt that is raising questions about stock photography. Two parties in Ireland have used a photo of the same woman endorsing their party. And this is where the plot thickens. One of them knew the other had used it. First the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) […]Read: Two political parties use the same, iStock, photo

    I am sure I am not the only old time stock photography who has harbored a secret desire to have Tony Stone, the man behind the “Stone” brand and the precursor to Getty Images, come back to stock and save us all. Well, he is back…and has joined with Vivozoom to help propel that micro stock agency to the forefront (read the article at Microstockdiaries). Careful what you wish for! […]

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