Auction site for mobile pictures sees strong growth is a new auction website for pictures taken on mobile phones. It has announced its 15.oooth registered user.


First-of-its-kind Online Auction Site Hits Major Milestone

San Francisco, CA—  After being live for only 3 months, has just registered its 15,000th user, known as “fizers”, and is growing rapidly.™ is the first and only online auction site that allows you to make money off pictures and videos you take with your cell phone! Fizwoz connects “photographers” (consumers) not just with thousands of individuals, but with more than 45,000 media professionals worldwide. Within seconds of your image being captured, professional organizations can start bidding on your content.  TV networks, newspapers, magazines and blogs are competing to see who can be first to use the images, so don’t just give your content away, make money off it.

There are several fizwoz categories including: breaking news, sports, entertainment, public figures, and weather. Some recent examples of photos that have been sold on fizwoz include: celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, singer Rihanna, a prototype never-seen before BMW and a Hawaiian sunset shot.

Founded by entrepreneurs Andy Sheldon and Ian Smith, fizwoz also allows media companies to direct the effort of “fizers” by posting specific image requests in the fizwoz assignment desk.  “Fizwoz Assignment Desk is a terrific tool for media companies,” says Steve Smedberg, senior vice president of marketing and product development at Weather Central.

News veteran Brian Banmiller, who knows the value of content, is Chairman of For more information, visit Sign up and start making money on your content.

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