News summary and digest April 21st

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April 20th

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    PRESS RELEASE: NachoFoto (, a technology company pioneering a new approach to image search, unveils its innovative search offering which combines new images published on the web with its Semantic index,delivering the most recent and relevant results for popular search queries.
    “A perfect image search engine will deliver the most relevant images taking into consideration the […]

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    Following the quick consumer pickup of Apple’s iPad , publishers across the Globe are rushing to show demo’s of their publications on the device. Joining the list is Time Inc  who say they will be adding one magazine app a month. The first ones to get the treatment will be weeklies like People and Entertainment weekly. Time […]

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    With all the buzz around the iPad  combined with the very strong sales numbers here’s a reminder that there are alternatives. This is the commercial for HP’s slate  that runs windows. The second video shows Adobe’s event to defend Flash, which is banned on the iPad. It uses the HP device to state their case for […]

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    Stock photo agency Alamy  has put its money where its mouth is with the launch of their new website. After months of small changes and announcements about serving the creative market the Oxford (ish) based company has launched a redesigned website that caters to the advertising and design market while keeping some elementary priorities front of […]

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