News summary and digest April 22nd | 16.00 gmt

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April 22nd

    You know what would be news ? Something different. No, not another microstock “save the world” launch. Nor another “look, we slashed our prices so low, it’s not funny anymore”. I am sure even image buyers must be fed up of receiving another flier, email, phone call, or goddamn tweet about another discount or super […]
    Now I have been an advocate of key word research, and I still am. But I think it would be a huge mistake to put all your marbles in a narrow key word basket. How do you get around that? Target those important key words, then add relevant text. A lot of relevant text! The more text you have, the greater chance that when someone searches for “Poodle is car” or whatever might bring them to your site, they will find it. This is all about the long tail keywords and the unimaginable number of people out there searching for them. There is a sea of people out there looking for what you have. If you can tap in to that sea of people, you can bring in an ocean of money. is a new auction website for pictures taken on mobile phones. It has announced its 15.oooth registered user.
    PRESS RELEASE . First-of-its-kind Online Auction Site Hits Major Milestone
    San Francisco, CA—  After being live for only 3 months, has just registered its 15,000th user, known as “fizers”, and is growing rapidly.™ is the first and only online […]

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