News summary and digest April 25th | 12.00 gmt

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April 22nd

    Careful What You Wish For
    I am sure I am not the only old time stock photographer who has harbored a secret desire to have Tony Stone, the man behind the “Stone” brand and the precursor to Getty Images, come back to stock and save us all.  Well, he is back…and has joined with Vivozoom to […]
    Corbis is launching new pricing for web and mobile usages. It is matching the pricing that Getty Images introduced in august 2009. Royalty Free will be priced at £7 and Rights Managed at £15. The company has illustrated the change with research done by YouGov  in the UK that shows respondents found current banner ads […]
    Pixazza  has found a way to add value to images by tagging the content in images with commercial information and links. Basically it takes listing designer dresses for Oscar-night dresses a few steps further. Here’s a great way to provide advertising that is both integrated and relevant while using pictures in a highly commercial way. […]

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