iSyndica celebrates first year and buys Fotomind

iSyndica, a company that helps photographers distribute, track and promote their images on multiple sites is celebrating its first year with a promotion. The company is giving clients free distribution on all new items. At the same time iSyndica is giving a discount of 30% on a new subscriptions that are referred with the coupon HAPPYBDAY.

Earlier this week the company announced it bought the content of closed stockphotoagency Fotomind. See the release for more information.


Fotomind photographers jump on the opportunity to transfer their stock photography portfolio over to iSyndica’s microstock digital distribution plaform.

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) April 20, 2010 — The closing of Fotomind in mid-April, a Romania-based microstock agency, sent shudders in the community of stock photographers that make a living selling their content online. With a bare two weeks’ notice, the company stopped its operations and went offline, leaving behind a crowd of upset contributors with unpaid commission – as per its policy, common in the industry, Fotomind had a minimum payout requirement that many of its photographers hadn’t reached.

In a surprising move, iSyndica – a company that provides distribution services for digital content – stepped in, promising to take over the unpaid commission debt and on-board any photographer who would elect for a portfolio transfer. “We felt that we could help everyone by taking over the debt,” says Hugo Angelmar, Program Manager at iSyndica, ” and re-affirm our goal of helping the contributor community maximize their online portfolios by introducing thousands of them to our services. Business aside, it just feels good.”

It is unclear exactly how many photographers jumped in. “Over a three day period we loaded, daily, as much stock photos as some agencies on-board monthly,” said Seb Coursol, CTO of iSyndica, declining to state specifics. Fotomind’s library was estimated to several hundred thousand photos spread on a community of a few thousand photographers.

Fotomind photographers, whose portfolio were transferred, have already begun submitting their stock photos to some of iSyndica’s 35 supported agencies. The task would have taken hours traditionally, but thanks to iSyndica it is now a matter of minutes


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