Microstock agency Pixamba closes

Pixamba, a microstock agency that launched in 2009 has closed. Pixamba CEO David Mail made the following announcement in the companies’ forum:

Dear contributors,
I am sorry to tell you that we have decided to shutdown Pixamba microstock collection.
Pixamba will be focusing on delivery of our innovative media management SaaS for stock imagery consumers.

The microstock collection at http://www.pixamba.com will go down on the week of May 3 2010.
All the images will be safely and permanently removed from our servers.
We’ll send you all and any payouts you got with us before the shutdown.
Please feel free to write us to support@pixamba.com for any question you may have.

Pixamba media management service will go live shortly after the microstock site shutdown. The new service helps imagery consumers to organize and manage their archives offering instant search, convenient cataloging, built-in media auto-tagging and other unique features.

Thank you for being with us,
David Mail, CEO Pixamba

The compan

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  • May 19, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Please find below news about a new service which will help users of stock photography to manage their image collections very easily. From free for 100MB of space to $49.99/m for 80 GB, the service will appeal to all users of stock images as they try to share, manage, record licenses and index their images in one place.
    I have demos, so please get in touch if you want to try it out or for any further info and there is an embed code at the end of this release in case you want to use the demo video.
    Best regards,

    Pixamba transforms microstock photography image management
    Innovative and feature-rich software platform for digital media management

    19 May 2010. Pixamba (www.pixamba.com) has today launched the Pixamba Media Management platform, a powerful yet affordable digital asset management service, specifically designed to help microstock photography users to manage their portfolio of licensed stock images effectively.

    Pixamba Media Management Service helps users to index, store, search, tag, retrieve and back up their images, whether purchased from photo stock agencies or edited in-house. The service also enables users to manage micro stock photography in multiple drafts and file versions.

    Pixamba Media Management Service provides real-time visibility of each individual stock image, including when and how it was used and the up-to-date status of respective legal rights for further use. This allows users to ensure that set policy-based usage permissions and content security rules are adhered to.

    Easy to use with an entry price point of $4.99 per account for 3GB space, Pixamba’s service provides a unique combination of features for microstock users:
    • Centralized digital media storage and management accessible from anywhere
    • Advanced fast search functionality
    • Integrated search in customer’s archive and in multiple stock agencies
    • Automated ‘Buy & Stock’ feature and original metadata retention
    • Advanced version control
    • Automated indexing
    • Media-rights tracking for maximum ROI
    • User friendly and intuitive interaction
    • Fast image uploads and media indexing
    • SaaS delivery requiring no initial investment and low pay-as-you-go storage costs
    • Accepts virtually any digital asset, most images formats supported
    • Media cataloging by folders, light boxes, companies and categories

    Available as a software as a service solution based on an advanced cloud computing infrastructure, Pixamba Media Management requires no complex installation and ensures that image libraries are easily acces¬sible to multiple users.

    David Mail, CEO and founder of Pixamba said: “With the exponential growth in the global microstock market, there has been a dramatic increase in microstock-based creative files. We believe that we are the first to market to provide a digital asset management system that puts the stock photography consumers in full control of their archives of licensed images”.

    The new service is aimed at purchasers of digital stock photography including web designers, graphic designers, creative and advertising agencies and media, marketing and academic users.

    Pixamba Media Management Service is available immediately. To sign up or trial the product, visit: http://www.pixamba.com/register.html

    Pricing information:
    All plans include full functionality and 30-day free trial.
    Basic: $4.99/m – 3GB
    Plus: $11.99/m – 10GB – limited time sign up offer: 20% off – $9.99/m
    Premium: $24.99/m – 30GB
    Max: $49.99/m – 80 GB, Unlimited with flat $0.49/GB over 80GB

    Pixamba also offers a free plan limited to 100MB storage.

    For more information, please contact Pixamba on:
    US Toll-free: 1-877-Pixamba
    Intl.: +972-97-49-6789
    email: info@pixamba.com
    web: http://www.pixamba.com

    Video demo here:

    Embed code for video:

    [14/05/2010 17:08:32] David Mail:

    About Pixamba
    Pixamba is a business software development and media services company providing solutions for the international microstock market. The company introduced its first product for microstock originators, the ProStockMaster desktop software solution in 2006. Pixamba’s solutions and services are regularly used by leading microstock sellers and buyers worldwide.

    The new Pixamba Media Management platform is based on four years of rigorous development and validation in the dynamic microstock business environment. The company has used its extensive SaaS and client-side experience and expertise in the modern stock imagery market to develop its innovative and feature-rich software platform for digital media management.

    Effectively addressing key operational and business challenges associated with the microstock industry, the platform was specifically designed to provide imagery consumers of any scale and type with an affordable yet powerful media and workflow management solution that maximizes investment and avoids loss of assets and time efficiencies.

    For further media information, including demos, reviews and interviews, please contact us:
    Ranbir Sahota, ranbir@vitispr.com, Vitis tech PR + 44 121 242 8048

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