Saving money on photography the easy way is a website that aggregates all the discounts on stock photography. Any visitor can submit discounts they find on the web. At launch you can get discounts at close to 50 companies. Deals range from subscriptions, to microstock, stock photography and software and services.

We’re working hard to add more great deals and there are some great ones on the way. You can also help. If you have a business and want to promote your products simply submit a deal in minutes, it’s free for the first 15 days. If you find a deal on the web that you want to share it’s easy too. Simply submit it to the site and others can save money in minutes.

We’ve attached our press release here. Do share this with colleagues and friends. Anyone using pictures will start saving without loosing time trying to find the best deals.


Fast Media Group launches, the fast way to save on pictures

London, 20 April 2010 – Fast Media Group launches, the fast way to save on pictures. With over 1.000 companies selling stock photography and countless independent photographers selling their work, finding the best pictures at the right price is a difficult task. solves this problem by aggregating all available picture-deals.

The site allows anyone to post a discount they find and companies can list their own deals and discounts in minutes. On top of that the team works with a growing number of partners that offer discounts exclusively to visitors. takes away the need for picture buyers to search the web for the best deals. It also takes away the burden of having to negotiate deals with several suppliers. now does the work by aggregating all available deals. On top of that agrees unique and exclusive deals with a growing number of picture sellers. These discounts are only available to visitors of the website. helps picture sellers get the message out quickly. Instead of designing marketing tools and communicating via resellers, promotions and discounts can be posted in minutes to be seen by a Global audience of picture buyers. Sellers can submit and manage a number of discounts that highlight several parts of their offering, from the introduction of a new collection to sales prices for older or less successful images.

“Our experience and connections in the picture industry allow us to agree discounts with a large range of picture sellers, from small specialists to some of the biggest companies”, said Marco Oonk, business development director at “This means that we’re able to take the hassle out of price negotiations for image buyers, so they can be confident to pay a fair price for their favourite products. At the same time the site offers a quick and flexible way for picture sellers to manage their collections by experimenting with deals, discounts and pricing.”

When a picture buyer clicks on a coupon code, the code is automatically copied to a clipboard while the picture buyer is sent directly to the website of the seller. At checkout the picture buyer can simply paste the code and claim the discount.

About Fast Media Group

Fast Media Group offers digital media resources for picture buyers and sellers.

Fast Media Group helps companies make informed decisions with news, articles and reports, save time finding the right suppliers and partners in a large directory, save money by claiming exclusive discounts and improve efficiency by connecting buyers and sellers in a real time community.

Fast Media Group is responsible for Fast Media Magazine, the first stop for picture buyers and sellers, and for, the fast way to save on pictures. More information, submissions and questions:

Marco | Editor

Editor at large and founder of a bunch of stockphoto businesses